Strategic Objectives

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The Strategic Objectives of the Foundation are as follows:

  • The development and deployment of educational technology to improve access to quality education
    Continuous involvement in the process of identifying, modifying, appropriate technology to frog-leap from the state of education to where it should be.
  • To assist the less privileged by providing affordable quality education from Primary Level to Tertiary Level
    Poverty tends to perpetuate itself by denying the off-springs of the poor from the liberating influence of education, which is the best way out of poverty!
  • To engage in advocacy for quality education all over Nigeria.
    Some rich people will not like to be competed with and struggle to keep the poor under by denying them access to quality education. There is a need for strong advocacy to extend access to the underprivileged
  • To engage in research to improve the quality of education to children of diverse abilities
    How to reach the unreached in a way that will produce impact should be a continuous quest.
  • To co-operate with other relevant bodies within and abroad that have similar aims and objectives and that will be of benefit to the Foundation.
    No man is an island. We need others and others need us!
  • To raise funds for the purpose of providing access to education in areas of needs and her operations generally.
    We need wealth to generate wealth!