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In 2013, Educational Advancement Centre embarked on a journey of impacting the continent of Africa with video tutorial lessons under the Calvary Network Television Station with an inspired theme of “Restoring the waste places”. A few people were unhappy with the description of “waste places” and the theme was withdrawn in deference to them.

However, after a few years, we concluded that the waste places was not actually a geographical location but degenerated human lives!
The waste place is where you deposit materials that are no longer fit for use and are being disposed of. Thank God for the Recycling process that brings some of such materials back into a useful state possibly in another form but Restoration brings the materials back to the original state!

The Foundation for Educational Advancement is an attempt to restore the wealth and capacity of human lives on the African continent as designed by the Maker Himself! It is an attempt by the Trustees to give back to the continent to which they were assigned by labouring to improve Access to sound education and the Impact of education in the domain of Africa!


The vision of the Foundation for Educational Advancement is a Glorious African Continent covered with the light of Knowledge!


The Mission of the Foundation for Educational Advancement is the improvement of ACCESS and IMPACT of education to the African child no matter the gender, geographical location or economic status of the parents.

ACCESS talks of availability whilst IMPACT comes as a result of the quality