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Project Summary:

Foundation for Educational Advancement plans to equip at least 20 rural locations and Internally Displaced Persons Refugee Camps with video-powered mini-schools. The schools will be managed by Emergency Teachers using “Mother-tongue to English transition video lessons” to provide Primary school education for 1,000 children who are under-served by the existing traditional brick and mortar schools either due to distance or insecurity. The mini-schools will be powered using 500 VA solar generators.

The Problem:

There are currently more than 13 million out of school children in Nigeria; the highest in the world. Major reasons for this alarming number include distance from schools and displacement of children due to terrorism in their normal habitation. While Government and many NGOs have attempted to reach these displaced and rural children, inadequate availability of teachers and an unwillingness to live in such locations has militated against efforts in this direction.

This project will provide an alternative teaching methodology that would not require fully trained teachers but volunteers who will be trained to facilitate the learning process and operate the provided equipment. With this approach, mini-schools can be located in proximate locations to the children either in Internally Displaced Persons Refugee Camps or rural communities. With reduced distances between the homes of the children and the mini-schools, security issues will be minimized.

Education is a veritable tool to improve living standards and reduce poverty. This Project is a pilot which will provide education for 1,000 children in 20 communities but will provide evidence of the effectiveness of the model of mini-schools and the use of a Bilingual transition education from Mother-tongue to English. This model will improve access to quality education to the under-served population while the full deployment will help expedite Education for All Sustainable Development Goal.

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